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We are students of a Fourth Way School, the esoteric tradition brought to the West by G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky. We are interested in conveying the knowledge, practices, and hands-on approaches to awakening. Our principal aim is to increase divine presence, that is, to help people to be present to their lives.

​We address both those who know the writings of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and the other masters of the Fourth Way, and those who are less familiar with this tradition, but are interested in the spiritual world and esoteric schoolwork. Our School draws on many traditions, including several other mystical schools that have existed on earth since prehistoric times: from Egyptian to Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, “esoteric” Christianity (such as the authors of the Philokalia), Islam (such as Sufism), and others. The Fourth Way is a system that draws on various esoteric paths and traditions, but places their practice into the everyday life of ordinary people. First and foremost, awakening is for people who know they are asleep and see the potential for inner growth. If you want to “remember yourself always and everywhere,” then you found the right place.

​For several years we have tried to be as practical as possible in communicating the specific way our School teaches in this illusive electronic environment. To that end, we have made a renewed effort to be more available and accessible to people who are seeking online for the Truth and are “in search of the miraculous.” The website and other social media sites are the products of this renewal effort.

We have created a private Facebook group (click here to join). In it we have sought to minimize the natural dispersion and distraction that a medium like Facebook entails and to keep a space open to all questions. Accordingly, we seek to maintain a high standard of engagement where we share without straying into controversy, “excessive talking,” debate and superfluous topics. We invite you to keep such a high standard if you decide to participate in the private Facebook site.

The internet is crowded with spiritual topics, seldom addressed with real knowledge. Talking about presence today is almost a trend. Practicing it is more rare than ever. We cater to those seeking real change and Self-discovery.  We will do our very best to share with you and to be responsive to your inquiries.

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